On December 13th, Umji left a message for fans on her Instagram story regarding the disclosure of her temporary break from activities due to her legs. As described, Umji was diagnosed with injury to her leg muscles and tendons and was therefore recommended to sit out her schedules for the meantime.

She wrote this for her fans:

You were all frightened in the morning, right Buddy? I really didn’t feel good because you all might have been shocked due to this unforeseen injury. But except for the legs and for the fact that I cannot appear on end-of-the-year shows (which I am really sad about), I am very, very healthy, so don’t worry too much!!! Please wait just a little bit! I will really try my best to recover soon and return to you all in a healthy state. Pro!Mise! I probably can’t see you Buddy on stage but T_T I will diligently appear in all other occasions, so don’t be too sad.”

We wish you a speedy recovery, Umji!