On February 26th, C9 Entertainment announced the launch of several social media platforms for its new group, which is currently working under the name C9 Boyz. Since then, six members have been revealed, each individually along with a profile video. However, only five of the revealed members will debut with the group.

Here’s what we know about the members so far.

Shortly after launching the official social media platforms for the group, C9 Entertainment unveiled the group’s first member – former Wanna One member Bae Jinyoung. Finishing 10th overall during season 2 of Produce 101, he first debuted in the now-disbanded-group, Wanna One, as a vocalist. On April 3rd, C9 Entertainment also released teaser images for Jinyoung’s first solo album, setting his solo debut date sometime in April 2019.

On March 5th, the second member of the group was revealed to be former YG Treasure Box contestant Kim Seunghun. After being eliminated in the 9th episode of YG Treasure Box, Seunghun was brought back for the finals, though he did not make the final lineup. Seunghun has trained at both Cube Entertainment and YG Entertainment for a total of nearly ten years.

Maknae Yoon Hyunsuk was the third to be revealed on March 12th, though very little is known about him at this time.

On March 20th, Kim Sehoon was announced as the fourth member of the group. However, allegations of violence surfaced surrounding Sehoon in his middle school years, causing C9 Entertainment to release a statement on April 2nd and pull Sehoon from the final lineup.

On March 26th, Yonghee was revealed as the group’s visual. Not much is known about him at this time. The sixth and final member was revealed to be rapper BX (whose real name is Lee Byounggon) on April 2nd. BX, like fellow member Seunghun, is a former YG trainee and YG Treasure Box finalist, though he did not get to debut with the final lineup. BX also ranked 9th place in the competition show MIXNINE before their debut was canceled.

C9 Boyz is expected to debut in the second half of 2019. Until then, we can look forward to Bae Jinyoung’s solo debut and see what’s in store for the rest of the group.

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